Edible Mosaics

My first cheese plate of the season, and my second below.Summer is a time for intensive cheese making and for feasts. With a few catering jobs and a full city of summer folk, it is a good moment for bulking up the bank account in anticipation of the slower and colder winter months (and pre-paying... Continue Reading →

I’m her human

For goat people, it is a bit of a cliché that we describe our goats as having personality. And I do. Evona, sleek, lovely brown with black markings, what the books call chamoisée and I think of as a true French Alpine, une vraie Alpine. Curiously, Alpine goats in France are nearly all colored as... Continue Reading →

Little Pleasures

Making cheese is such a tactile and hopeful enterprise. At least, so I perceive it in my current set up. "Artisanal" is a gracious way of describing my very basic systems. We're milking by hand - carefully washing and drying the teats before milking, sanitizing our milking buckets with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide sanitizer,... Continue Reading →

Are you my mama?

Remember that wonderful children's book about a baby bird who falls from its nest and proceeds to investigate all the beings of its world, asking each, "Are you my mother?" Identity is sometimes a question mark, even for a baby heifer calf. In Prudence's case, I don't think she's in doubt as to who her... Continue Reading →

Cheese – the whole point

Milk is flowing - lots of it. The goats run with their kids during the day, but being separated at night, I get the morning milk for cheese making, about two gallons plus some from the five new mothers. Maggie, our Jersey, simply overflows with with rich, yellow milk. We milk her morning and evening,... Continue Reading →

Pasture Time & Fencing

Last year I used portable electric netting fence to put my goats out to pasture for the day, being sure to put them close to a range of trees, or to include a portion of woods inside the fence so they could shelter from the heat and sunshine as needed. Unfortunately, beyond the onerous and... Continue Reading →

Bringing Babies into the World

When pregnant myself, I read all I could about birthing and briefly considered getting trained as a Midwife. The urge passed once my children arrived.  And then, a few years' back I entered the world of goat cheese and herdsmanship. And, though many question if I'll be calling the vet in when my animals are... Continue Reading →

Grateful She is Here

I've the luck and the grace to be friends from birth with some pretty awesome people, a large extended family of people to be exact. The list of acts of love they've offered me is long, but the most recent and that which is impacting my life right at this moment is the presence and... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

This is going to be an introduction to where I'm at right now in this journey of a life. So, if you like to have a bit of background, position yourself going forward, read on. Or, if you'd rather jump to the action, more photos and tales will come in future posts. Writing helps me... Continue Reading →

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